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Sequence of tribes between [??] [+ Echuca - crossed out] + the source of Murray River
At Junction of Darling + Murray - Thar-Thi-Thar-Thi. Yeiri-yeiri,
mutha-mu-tha, (at Junction of Murrumbidgee + Murray [from the - crossed out]
In the junction of the river - wee-thai-ja
Following mu-tha-mu-tha, the Lei-chi-leichi, Wa-thi-wa-thi,
You-angootha, Pal-on-gan-mi-tha, gin-ong-math-ong, gon-dar-ngoora
above junction of Murray + [Murrumbidgee + the Lachlan - crossed out] + below juntion of Lachlan
the Ngari-Ngari


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