Neri = steep bank = waang Kilmore - down to Seymour
some Bunjil - on the Goulburn

[map showing location of communities]

[written under map]
the Jajaurung country
can be defined as extending N + S
from Daylesford to Boort
and [??] [??] East + W.

Jajorung country - Donald
to [?Castlema?] - Maryborough- Maldon- Eddington- Dunolly
Bialiba, Yallong - St Arnaud, Swan Water, Cope Cope, Bangerang
Corak township, Morton plains, Naraport, Morlburt?
Wimbutchup, Warraknabial, Sheephill, Minyip,
[Kiew-crossed out] Kiewr, Murtoa.

[??] had 7 mobs-

(1) Wangari-bŭrk creek - stringy bark tree - Jim Crow
Castlemaine-[?Maldon?] - Eddington - Dunolly- Bealba
Avoca forest - Yau-ung - St arnaud warr - Cope Cope
Guthrie's place, Avoca plain - Marano, [cres - crossed out]
Tarragton, Navarre, Berke-yurn, Natty yallock
(2) Būrŭm-balluk - white gum S. aphy people
part of (1) - Between Brimbank
+ Natti yalluk
(3) Bial-balluk - redgum people - Bialiba
(4) gal-gal-balluk Brimbank
[??] of River
(5) Derak-balluk - Avoca forest
(6) Wait-kundi-uk Wattle tree

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