at the jaine (jeru of Wotjo) [wh- crossed out] one man says
for instance "I want a girl for my boy" - some one
says I will give my girl and you can give his
sister to my boy. The matter is then discussed.

"Girl's father says to youth I have promised my girl
to you. The youth's father says to the former if you like to have my boy
for your [girl - crossed out] daughter by and bye - I have his sister growing up, can
marry her brother." - This being settled the boy with
a mussel shell cuts off some of the girl's hair which
he gives to his mother who keeps it carefully in a small
net bag. When married the girl takes it back to her
father and mother to keep. If the girl ran off with some
man, the youth will put the hair with some black snakes fat or
something of the kind and tie them up with some guliwills
and roast [the bo- crossed out]it before his fire when no one is about
By and bye he can hear the voice of her gulkin gulkin (spirit)
complaining.Then he puts it away up in the bark forming his camp
where he can see it. In the night he sees her gulkin gulkin
sneaking about trying to get the guliwill away.

Before boys whiskers come and before he is quite grown up
he is taken by his guritch (sisters husband) to his camp. Then
he rubs him with red ochre and takes care of him. When he
goes out hunting or travelling he carries the boy when tired and
he sounds the bull roarer (mānunga) to make the boy strong
and he sings this song continually:

pata manunga jirarunga
wait a while don't touch it growing up

This song also makes the two front top teeth easily removed
when the boy is being initiated. While the song is being sung the
barn-būngal (medicine man) puts a pointed stick between the
teeth to loosen them. If any blood comes from the gums either
now or when the teeth are knocked out it must
not be spit out - or let flow down his breast [else h -crossed out] but
he must swallow it, otherwise his legs will become
crooked and he would become lame.

This was done by the Jajawrong and also by the
tribes on the Murray

When the boy has grown so [?much?] older so that his beard
has come his gurech + the old men take him away to be made a man.
He is laid down on the ground and all the hair from his face
and his pubes [are - crossed out] is plucked out. If this comes out easy and [anil - crossed out] without blood coming
they say "he is a good young man" and rub him with red ochre
and after his two top front teeth are knocked out - he goes only with his
gurech + the old men. This is called pūrki-worruk. For a time
he is only rubbed with red ochre and remains quite naked, but after a
time his oldest gureich brings him a possum rug.
The other one is said to have been too much with the women
and is called a bad young man, is painted white from the waist over the head down
the back to the waist and wears a brandy yep in front + behind of possum skin strands.
He is called Liba-auk.

[written in left side margin]
The ganich

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