(1) M Barim +
(1) F Mim ①

(3) M Tenamet-jaurlich
(4) F Sera nim

(5) major
(6) wife

no child

(1) This man belonged to a place called
Marr (near St Arnaud). He went to
the Wotjo country at Pine Plains near
Yellamjip. He claimed a wife [then - crossed out]
[who was at Lake Coorong - crossed out] from that place who was
[(2) - crossed out] Their son Major's father Tenamet-jaurlich
who claimed his country at St Arnaud [at - crossed out]
also claimed as his country Pine Plains
His wife was [a Laitchi- Laitchi - crossed out] from
[and was a Kilpara - crossed out] Pine Plains.
[Then -crossed out] and took her mother's clan name
Kilpara. Her mother was of the Laitchi-
tribe at Kulkyne.

Major (5) is [Bunjil - crossed out] Wrappel after his father, [or speaking - crossed out] and Wrappel
(Eagle hawk) is the same as Bunjil. But after his mother he
is Kilpara when he goes to the Murray tribes. His
paternal grandmother was gamulet and as to her tribe descent
runs in the female line [??] where is [??] tribe is Gamutch.
He takes his country as a Jajauworung from his father + grandfather; he also
has Pine Plains after his father who lived there, and also from his grandfather
whose wife was from that place. He also claims the country where his father was
buried. Thus the country of which he was "free" is bounded in the
west by Yanambrak creek, on the north from Lake Tyrrel to Pine plains
near Yellamjip, South to Murtoa (where his father was buried) and East to
to St Arnaud.

(7) the child of Major (had he one) would he says take his name
from his mother a Woring class from Alexandra - but ?

Major could not get a wife at Pine plains because it was
there his mother came from - and his "mother's blood" would be too near to him
in the people there. He would have to go to some place where there were
no people "too near to him". Horsham would do because he had friends
there who would find him a wife.

yaur= flesh = totem = class

M Nga-pung brother + mother - brother
F Kukuk sister + sister sister

F Lera-nim ngalŭk daughter

Major - māp-gurk daughter

cannot marry [māp-gurk - crossed out] ngaluk (daughter of [mo gra - crossed out] mother's
brother) nor his daughter - māp-gurk
-cannot marry any one in this line of descent as far
as could be traced. Read "forbidden degree" of Wotjoballuk
([?Bob ?Nephew?]) Major said "cannot marry those"
Therefore I amount to this to obtain a wife a man
must be [??] to some one of the distant intermarrying
localities - where there is some woman who is not of the "Yaur" of
the intended husband. He must therefore marry some [one -crossed out] woman of
the opposite class from some distant locality who is not near to him.

This matter would require consideration and therefore it is that
great meeting of tribes the men discussed [?preferred?] marriages.

[written in the left side margin]
+= Paternal grandfather
=① paternal grand mother

ngapung - [father - crossed out] mother's father
kukun = mother's mother

Major's mother

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