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Notes on tribes River Murray +c

Victorian side
(1) in the [Loddon - crossed out] plains from Mt Hope to the Murray the - B + W
Wamba-wamba - also had at least the lower part of [?Bully?] ck
(2) in Loddon up to Boort the Bureppa-bureppa - who
join the Jajauwrong at Boort- B + W
(3) Reedy lake - Bura-bura - M + K
(4) Swan Hill to Pyangil - Wati-wati - M + K
(5) Pyangil to Euston - Weike-weiki - M + K
(6) Euston to Kulkyne - Leichi-leichi - M + K
(7) Kulkyne to Wentworth - grangema M + K
(8) Wentworth to Goolwa - Yakoma in M + K
both side of the Murray - M + K

N.S.W. side
(1) From Moulamein down to Balranald with Murray
for south boundary the Barabba Barabba
Note the Barabba - barabba are said to be very nearly the same
as the Bureppa-bureppa - in the Loddon River
(2) The Mutti-mutti from Balranald to Euston
(3) The Tatathi from Euston to Wentworth

Notes The Boora-boor and the Watti-watti boundary
out [??] near the Tyrell creek + Lake Tyrell
[of the - crossed out] A line drawn from [the P - crossed out] Lake Tyrrel to Yellamjip
neatly went of Lake Tyrel [and - crossed out] defines the boundary south
of the Laichi-laichi

The Boundaries of the Jajoworung were approximately
the following
[N N creswick Boort - crossed out] Boort, Watchem, Watchem
By the Avoca [River + ?? - crossed out] River to Redbank - then
to Natty Yallock, Creswick, Daylesford, Castlemaine
[Jim Crow - crossed out] Maldon - Boort
Three of the lesser divisions of the tribe were:
(1) Headquarters at St Arnaud (Warr)

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