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Burial Direction Primary Division totem pseudototem Mortuary totems
S 70 [could be 20] E gamutch Jállan between ngungul + [??] Beregut Tiger Cat [?gimowain?] swan Jinap sulph crest cockatoo waa crow [?wiekal?] native dog
[nearly South Between Munya + Jallan - crossed out] South East opposite Boort [??] ngŭngŭl the sea between Jallan + [??] Járnia (sea weed)
south west opp Batyangal wūrant Bk cockatoo between Batyangal + Munya [?Joyo?] - Iguana small ngamur Iguana large [??] Bk Duck [??] green snake [??] [??] Dárimŭrŭk Dari= white -mŭrŭk=temple
referring to the yellow patch of feathers on the side of head of Bk Cockatoo
N70 West Warturt [??] [?Poisonous?] Krokitch moiwillŭk carpet snake between [??] + Munya ?
South [? written over south] Batyangal between Wurant + Jallan ① Banua Karembal Tait juk [??] [??] wang wang ngai B ? Darimŭrŭk
① I have Jartjŭk - white gull
Burtita - white [??] cormorant
Borŭp - small Bk cormorant
Warywŭng - Large Bk cormorant
Ngari - [?Bullock?]
[?Karunlie?] - a [?wader?] +c from Batyangal but I do not know what [being - crossed out] are Krokitch + what gamutch

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