The Wot- jo-ballŭk - tribe
This tribe inhabited a part of country lying
between the Wimmera and Richardson Rivers.
The tribal name is taken from Wotjo = man
and ballŭk = people. It is also called
Gūli bullaiak. (Guli = man).
The boundaries are as follows : - starting from
about a mile north of Dimboola on the eastern
bank of the Wimmera River following that river
to Lake Hindmarsh thence by the river to
Lake Albacutya, thence by the river to its
termination at the Pine Plains Lake.
Thence eastward to Lake Coorong; thence
by the Warracknabeal creek to Warracknabeal;
thence west to the starting point.

The Wotjo ballŭk are divided into
a number of local divisions of which the following
are the principal:

1. The Gromillŭk - Lake Hindmarsh
2. The Yakkil - ballŭk - Lake Albacutya
3. The Kreitch ballŭk - Dimboola
4. The Weitch wŭndaiŭk - Warracknabeal
5. The Yárik-killŭk - Lake Coorong
A man of one of these places eg Gromillŭk
would be called Gromillŭk or Gromillŭk Wotjo in describing him
and so on with the others.
The totem names which I shall now speak of are
scattered all over the country in the different
Local groups.

Note: the people who lived at Lake Hindmarsh were Kromillŭk - Dimboola and Horsham
were Jūraballŭk, Jŭngping were Yaram [balluk - crossed out] biŭk, at Longerong were
Jó-in ballŭk, at Murtoa + Warranoke were Waitchwŭndaioke,
and at Waracknabeal were Yarambiŭk, at Ledcourt [were - crosesd out] and
Mŭkpilly were Wotojoballaiuk.
Old Bob says that Johnny Connolly is of Ledcourt and is
a Watagoli- one of the Wotjoballaiuk . That his mother
was a black woman but that his father made him a halfcaste.

[written in left side margin]
Wenjen = lie on its
Marong = pinetree
Gitch = has been
see the legend of the
pine tree that reached to the sky p.

The Doen bauraket (doen = planes) lived to the west
The Balŭk mernén (mernen = sandhills / [??] it
"sand hill fellows"
to the northwards: the [Wen-crossed out] Wengen marongitch to the
East and the Jūroballŭk to the south Jūro = plain

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