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Bunjil was once a man but he married
two women, sisters- gūnowara (swan)
and is now with them in the sky.
Djataguil is another name for Bunjil
who has also a brother Djūrt who is also
in the sky near him a star. (Compare Djūrt with
the DjūrtDjurt of the
Woiwurong - a son of Bunjil)

Bob says that the Wotjoballaiŭk extended as far as the
Avoca down as far as Towaninny and up to the
Hills and round by the hills to Stawell and so on to the
Grampians which belonged to the Wotjoballaiŭk. He says
further that the Gamutch + Krokitch classes were well over
this country and extended to Condah. He says that the
Jajaura lived in the Hills all the way Eastward of Stawell
and that they had the same class names as the Wotjoballaiŭk.

Krokutch = wart wut may marry any Gamutch gulk
eg Jallan gūlk, [?Durunuruk?] gulk, or Batjan ngul gulk
and so on with the others

[written in left side margin]
Djat [agui - crossed out]
is the upper arm

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