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Class Divisions
Wūrip - Small bird with top knot
Morokŭt - Red Parrot (Long?)
(1) Wart wŭt - claims - Moiwŭk - carpet snake
Hot wind Mindai - a snake
brown snake
tikomai - a poisonous snake
Mitjen - moon

Got-jŭn - Native Companion
Boo [k written over final o in pencil]- Bandicoot
(2) Gart chŭka - A Kauwŭr - Emu
the smaller crested claim J
Jálŭp - mussell
white cockatoo Ngŭrau - turkey
Jŭlwil - musk duck
Bitjangŭr - Mountain duck
Ngárūwara - magpie goose
[yūrn - native cat - crossed out]
Monya = a yam

[(3) -crossed out] 4 Ngaui-nga-gŭlli
sun - belonging to gartchŭka B - the larger crested
(a) white cockatoo
and gŭr -white tree grub
(b) jar-ŭk - yam

yūrn - Native Cat - [see above-crossed out] ?
Berejŭl - Tiger cat
(1) Jallan claim gŭnowara - swan
Deaf adder Jinap - sulphur crested cockatoo
Waa- crow
Wilkin - Wilkri - native dog

(2) Dŭri mŭrŭk claim wūrant - black cockatoo
Black cockatoo Joyo - Iguana small size
Ngarnŭr - Iguana larger size
Ngŭri - Black Duck
Gŭmmill - green snake
Bernera - Teal duck
Jerong - A Bird
[Moiwillŭk - Black snake - crossed out]

Proporon - chough? chough?
Bat-jan-ngŭl claim Barnga - grey heron
Pelican Karimbal - a wader with long legs
and spotted breast
Jartjŭk - White gull
Bŭrtita - White bellied cormorant
Borŭp - Smaller black cormorant
Wangwŭng - Larger black cormorant
Ngari - Bull oak
Biyal-Red gum
[Wan yip - Fire- crossed out]

Note : When my informant was [coming - crossed out] in the Tati-tati Tatati
tribe at the Murray he was told that being Krokitch
he was also Kilpara and the Gamutch was
Mukwara. He was not able to tell me to which
of the Tatati totems his own (wurtwŭt) agreed.

[written in left side margin]

[gŭmatch - crossed out]

[written on right side of page]
Būnjil = a star
gore - Kangaroo
Bŭrra Red Kangaroo

[written in pencil below (1) wart wŭt]
deaf adder

[written in pencil below (2) Gartchŭka
3 (3) munya

[written in pencil above (2) Dŭrimŭrŭk]

[written in pencil below (2) Dŭrimŭrŭk]
[??] totem?

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