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[Diagrams working out marriage rules of Bobby. Refer to originals for detail]

[written in between diagrams]
In this case 1 + 2 are
own brother and sister.
3 + 4 are their respective
son and daughter.
As 3 and 4 are not married
and have no children
5 and 6 were interested being
in the relation of g.s. to No 1
and g.d to No 2 respectively.
But they bore to each other
respectively the relatives of
"uncle" - and "niece"
to each other.
In the case of 7 + 8 the same
course was followed - the two
individuals growing to be
"cousins". Finally the
g g g grandchild [??] to
be brother + sisters to
each other. None of the
above pairs could marry.

[written on right hand side]
This was another case
in which I attempted to
trace a possible descent.
The vertical line represent
a descent - 1 + 3 are own father + son
2 + 4 own mother + daughter
3. 5. 7 and 4. 6. 8 are
respectively tribal parents +
children. 3 and 4 bear
the proper relation to each one.
5 + 6 and 7 + 8 bear relations
to each other what are not
derived from the relatives
they bear to their [?birth?] parents
no marriage can take place
in the vertical or horizontal

The two men came to the conclusion that in no case those who were
Marŭp or marŭpgurk to each other marry unless they came from far distant places
eg. The Wimmera + Murray and that the relations are directly [?derived?]
If the relations were only tribal and distant at that - that is derived through for instance
maui = mothers sisters husband or bapgorŭk = fathers brothers wife +c and more over from
a distant place - then such marriage might take place - but there would be

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