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Krokeitch marries Gumatch a vice versa
Wartwŭt may mary any Daramuruk gŭrŭk
or Jallan gŭrk
Gartchuka [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] [ditto]
A man cannot marry [a woman of the - crossed out]
[his father or mother class sister - nor - crossed out]
[the children of their people but the -crossed out]
[?? dies out between those - crossed out]
[of the next generation - crossed out]
his fathers sisters daughter nor his mothers brothers
daughter -- nor can their descendants.

[Diagram of relationship - see copy of original]

[?Marry according?] to these [cashes - crossed out] cases
which I investigated and followed
out through six [possible - crossed out] past or existing or future
generations. It is said that in olden times
this was not permitted but that since
white men have come into the country the
rules have become so relaxed that cases
have occurred where persons have been
permitted to mary who were tribal
brother and sister that is to say where their
relatives to each other were those of Wal
or djadjt or galaka - although their parents
were not the same individuals - in one
such case, both were Garchuka - but
each had a different sub totem and
theirs was held not to be the same,
a flesh and the old people permitted
the marriage.

[written in left side margin]
But see [?each?]
where I record [?two?]

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