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The Wotjoballŭk are divided into
classes and totems. Each totem name
is borne by certain people - but these are
also certain other animal names which
may be called psudeo totems - for
although people do not bear their names,
yet it is these totems which to some
extent govern marriage. An instance
will suffice from the annexed table:
take the instance of Bobby my informant - his
pedigree is as follows:

Krokeet (g. father) Gartchuka- monya-yam
Gumatch (g.moth) Jallangorŭk-gunowaragorŭk swan
(Father) Jallan - gŭnowara swan?
F. Krokitchgŭrk (mother) - wart wŭt gŭrŭk - moiwukgurŭk?

M. Krokitch (Bobby) [jalla - crossed out] wartwŭk-moiwŭk
class name Hot wind carpet snake
F. Gŭmatchgŭrk (wife) Jallangŭrk - wūrantgŭrk
class name Deaf adder Bk cockatoo

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J Gibson

Corey... do you know who 'Bobby' is?


I'm not sure it could be 'Morton Plains Bobby'