Marriage 2

A man was not permitted to marry his/the
following relations, nor of course any woman
of the same class name, or totem as
himself nor of the pseudo totem which
he claimed; nor could he marry
any women who stood in the relation
of daughter to any of his [tribal- crossed out] own
or tribal "Fathers brothers" ( even if she
were otherwise of suitable class or totem).

Forbidden degrees
Kokgomgorŭk - Paternal [grandmother - crossed out] grand father sister - mimi - P G. M.- ngap (M. G. F S.
mein - M. Gr. M - M. Gr M. Sister; ngallŭk moth. bros wife fathers sister; mothers [??]
Moth sister - Fathers bros wife - Manyep - daughter - [wife bros dau - crossed out] Bros daughter - wifes sisters daughter
[banigūp] Meelet gorŭk - Sisters wife - nyallŭng gorŭk - wifes [??]
-Djadjt - or [?golukeran?]- Elder + younger sister - father bros daughter
or [sis-crossed out] mothers sister daughter - Marŭpgŭrk - fath. sist. da
moth. bros. dau

Elopements occurred between unmarried couples
where the girl had been promised to some one
she disliked or where it was not possible for her
lover to effect an exchange for her. The two
never went far but being found were bought
back and after a time being forgiven were
considered man + wife. When it was found that the girl
has gone her friend would certainly quarrel with those
of the man and a fight would arise. After this was
over and they had cooled down a little the girls
father and her cousin would proceed to seek for
her. Her brother took no part in the search.
Old Bob said he never knew of a case where those
forbidden to each other by class, totem, or kindred

[written in left side margin]
Observe - this differs
from the cases in which
the parties were of
forbidden degrees

the man was
beaten but
not the girl

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