Messengers and message sticks

Messengers are sent by the old man of the group for
various purposes. The messengers may be either a
young man or an old man and of any
class name or totem. The following example will
illustrate the practice of sending message. I assume
the holding of a [cere- crossed out] great tribal meeting and
that the consultation is held by the elders of the
Gromilluk Horde. The old men proceed to the
place of council attended by the other men. When
there the old men consult and determine
upon what is to be done, or having already
decided announces their intentions to summon
the Yarik-KilÅ­k from Lake Coorong [and - crossed out]
[the Kreitch balluk from Dimboola - crossed out] The
oldest man prepares a message stick which
he cuts and marks with a muscle [sic] shell
The stick is [usually - crossed out] made from the [live - crossed out] green
branch of some tree - usually the box (Eucalyptus ?)
If it is intended to invite or summon [??] a number
of men a certain part of the edge of the stick
is notched say one quarter in length on each
side or one third or half as the case may be.
If it is intended that the whole Horde shall
come the message stick is notched on
both sides throughout. The number of Hordes
who are expected to attend are indicated
by an equivalent number of notches on one [of - crossed out]
or both of the flat side of the stick. In the
present instance there would be one notch
(see sketch (a)). Having [handed - crossed out] finished the
message stick the Headman hands it to the
next elder to him who if necessary adds to it
and passes it to the next and so on to all the older

[sketch in left hand margin]

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