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1. Name not known, lived about Mt Macedon. Waang
2. Barla, Bungil, Barak says half sister to Turnbull
3. Bebejern Barak's father [in different handwriting: mamen]
4. Tooterrie Barak's mother [in different handwriting: kangŭn]
5. Parrpun Barak's elder brother [in different handwriting: Bangan]
6. Parrpun had no son
7. Barak Waang
8. Does not remember
9. Do ["]
10. Do ["]
11. Do ["]
14. Bungil (but only remembers English name Lizzie) she was from Gippsland
15. and 16. arranged with 5 to give Lizzie to Barak for a woman
of his tribe named Boorrort.
Can't get the names of 15 and 16.

J Shaw [Right hand note]] 1054/1a

Mr Howitt
Dear Sir,

The above is all I can get for you from
my people that would be at all satisfactory.
I have tried Dick Richards but cannot get anything
satisfactory from him. He either has forgotten or
does not like to mention the names of his
antecedents. I have had some difficulty with
old Barak in this respect.

As you say you have a copy of the diagram I
have only given the numbers as above which I
trust will be of some help to you.

I am making inquiry about the prickly
plant you spoke of. Barak says he thinks
it grows in the gullies in the mountains.

Yours respectfully
J. Shaw

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Names of people and relationships

Stephen Morey

p2 is related to a longer listing of kinship terms in xm759, p2-5, 15 and 49.
The numbers listing on the first part of p1 relates to a family tree. One of these is listed on p1 of xm759, but in that location 1 and 2 are brother and sister and they would belong to the same moiety whereas 1 and 2 on this list are different moieties