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Notes for Berak

(12) Has he ever heard of people being [?shown?]
Lohan as a final ceremony in the marine
Smyth says the strangers are taken
within sight of the Promontory but not allow
ed to look at it until permitted to by the
Karek or throwing stick of one of the con
ductors. The weapon was slowly moved
round till pointing at the mountain
when the form of Lohan was seen. For
a few seconds half veiled in mist.

(13) Who was wi-won-der-rer a half stone
half human creature who devoured
people at a mountain called "narn"
at the north east of Western Port. It could
only be speared in the nostrils or eyes.

(14) What is the legend about the Buk-ker-til-lible
a hole or chasm [in the - crossed out] at Narneian on
[the - crossed out] Brushy Creek running into the Yarra
It is said that Bunjil threw a star down
to punish people and made the hole

[written in left side margin]
Does not know

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