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17 Bimbeal Who was he - the son of Bunjil?
Bimbeal is said to be the rainbow + the
second rainbow - his wife - what is her name
marine Bek -exact meaning of + if used
by the inhabitants speaking of
their own country
Tharangalk (meaning of?
18 Gerer the sun
from R. Howitt's Impressions of Australia
"Pungil held out his hand to the sun
and warmed it. The sun (gerer)
warmed the earth which opened
and blackfellows came out and
danced a corroboree called "gaygip"
a dance which the blacks now have
and at which they dance before images
carved curiously in bark."

19 Karackarrak
who was?
"R. Howitt gives legend
"At first it was very cold and the
country was full of snakes. K the daughters
of Punjil killed them all with her
yam stick which broke and fire came
out of it. Wang the crow flew away with
the fire but K. brought it back?
Did Waang the crow steal the fire for the Kulin?

20 Berwool and Bobniger
son + daughter of Punjil
survived the flood which occurred when
Bunjil +Co were carried up in a whirlwind +
became the ancestors of the Kulin, and Wang
became the crow. How did Bunjil cause the flood?

[written in left side margin]
marine excellent
eg marine [?Kuley?] = Emu

With a

R. H.

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