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For William Berak
[written in pencil ] Darr Kan
Mokolom beitch - Bunjil - Buffalo Range
(1) Does he remember a Nurungaeta called Kul-ler-kul-lup
who long ago came when there was a big lot of Kulin
where Merri Creek joins the Yarra. They came from back
of the Delatite River. Billi-bileri said the Kuller Kullup
told him [that - crossed out] there were people living in the Alps who inhabited
only the Rocky parts + had homes in caves - + that these people
gave the Australians corroborees - Kuller Kul lup got corroborees
himself in dreams.
22 (2) Who was Bun-ger-ring of the Mt Macedon tribe

23 (3) Stanbridge says (a) Couit-gil, the spirit of the departed

24 (b) At Fiery creek are two Neulam-Kurrk - inhabiting caves
and holes - old woman steals children + eats them
also col-bum-at-uan-Kurrk - throws trees down
hurts people by branches falling.

also a good spirit named Barn-bunjil

25 (c) Sun made by Pupperimbul - (Estrelda temporalis)
one of the Nurrumbung-uttias - or old spirits - (like Muk-Kurnai)
26 (d) Warepil (Sirius) male Eagle - a chief of Nurrumbung-uttias
and brother of War-

27 Collow-gullouric Ware-pil (Rigel) Female Eagle Wife of
28 War-(Canopus) Male Crow. Brother of Warepil + first to
bring fire from Tyrille (space)
29 Collow-gullouric War (a large red star) Female crow
Wife of War


[written in left side margin]
down to
see hi

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Stephen Morey

Most of this page, from (23) to the end of the page is extracted from Stanbridge and refers to Western Victoria. Fiery Creek runs into Lake Bolac.
ART. XVI – On the Astronomy and mythology of the Aborigines of Victoria. By Wm Edward Stanbridge Esq., of Wombat.
[Read before the Philosophical Institute, 30th September, 1857.]