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39 Where did [the - crossed out] Meymet and Berbira live

40 Were the Nguralŭng - Bunjil or Waa?
[Where did - crossed out]

41 What do B + R know about the Banjerang.

42 Does he remember hearing that where
Port Phillip Bay now is was once dry land

43 What is the exact English of this:-
Indara ngarū ngŭn mŭn ngŭrlik
nŭn-nŭn thŭm-bŭn - mŭrŭmbi-ek
Koy-ū-it wanthŭn-ara mŭrŭmbiek.

44 Who were the two wives of Bunjil? ([?Y + E Pisces Aust?])

45 Is this correct? When the Waa people + Bunjil
people were camped together - they were in different
parts of the same ground - and could not touch
any of each others food - what else?

46 What is a good name for a house?
- like Kurnai [Lean - crossed out] Lu-an hun - is it
Marine ilum or mariuilum?

47 What does Warringal mean?

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