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The East End of Mt Macedon belonged to Bilibileri (who was Waa)
and Urunjeri. The west side [of - crossed out] belonged to a man who was next
to Capt. Turnbull - This man was of the Kūrnŭngillŭm and was
married to Bilibileri's sister. The Kurŭngillŭm extended to this side
of Daylesford - as far as Bullengrūk. Mt Blackwood belonged to
the Wirarap Malcolm - he was a Kri-balŭk. The Urunjeri
men got women from the Kūrnŭngillŭm and the Kri balŭk
The Kribaluk got women from the Yarra and from the Kūrnungillūm
= Urunjeri from Kilmore.

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