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(4) Was Billi-Billeri one of
those who "signed" the deed giving
a grant of land to Batman?
(5) Is there any record of when
Jakka-Jakka died?
(6) Did Berak live with
Billi-Billeri at the quarry?

I trust, dear Sir, I am not
trespassing too much in asking so many
questions, but the informaiton if
available would be very interesting
to me as a pressman and Lancefield born.

The late Mr William Thomas
has referred in a communication to
Lieut-Governor La Trobe to "Bil-li-
as a chief of the Yarra tribe
...through his influence the native
police was first formed [1841]...
This good man died on 10th August,
1846." This, I presume refers to
Billi-Billeri of the quarry?

I enclose a copy of a photo that
I recently took at the quarry.

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