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and trustworthy.

An examination of the western
portion of this district shows that
the blacks had numerous camping
places between Lancefield and Mt
- "native ovens" being
numerous. Tomahawk heads have
been picked up in large numbers.
On three farms close to Lancefield
[crossed out: up] close on one hundred have at
various times been found. Only last
week three were found in a small
paddock in the course of ploughing

Mr Seymour tells me of an incident
that occurred on Baynton's station whilst
three blacks were cutting bark. Mr
was superintending the operations,
and he observed that the [crossed out: became] blacks
suddenly became very excited. Presently
a big bird settled on a tree between him
and the blacks, and he then asked them
what was the matter. One of them
pointed to the bird, and said - "Some one
blackfellow kill some one blackfellow"
and pointed to the north. The blacks

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Description of the large number of tomahawk heads found near Lancefield by settlers.