No 5

causes them to do all this kind of thing.
The man that do not get his tooth out is
called Brue baul [baul -written above], the term means that he
do [sic] not know anything about Drum
mullon + he is not a man and therefore
can not get a wife with the consent of
the others. When they get a wife they must
runaway with her and when they again
joine the tribe. they the runaways get a
good beating. then that is all over
But old Munday says that since the
white people came among the blacks
that Brue bauls know all about
Drummullon from the white people
talking about God & hearing them praying
to him. When the boys are being made
young men there [sic] mothers are all there, they
are decorated with kangaroo teeth & dogs
tails & if there is one woman that has got
nephew, whos [sic] mother is dead, she has got
double honours such as two dogs tails

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I am not certain about the punctuation. The author seems to rest the pen on the page. Perhaps it is a full stop??? On other occasions he writes in one very long sentence.


Yes, this is something that I have noticed with O'Rourke. It makes for difficult reading and transcribing. I think at times he does not capitalise what should seem the start of a sentence.