No 7

naming the black of there [sic] choice. Then
she must never see that man. And
never hear his name mentioned.
If she hears any one talking about
him she will put her hands up to her ears
& call out Gunge-wah - that is to
be quite [sic]
Then when the girl is big enough the
Father & some of there [sic] friends will take her
to his camp. & sit - her down beside
him. & say there he is we don't know
what he can do for you
If one tribe ware [sic] in search of another
& that they knew they ware [sic] somewhere not
far away they would go up on a hill & put
grass into the bark of a tree - set fire to it
and let the smoke go up through [corrected] the bark
& if the other blacks saw the smoke
they would respond in the same way.

Page Notes

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This one was a bit more difficult. I have suggested that he means were, when he has clearly written ware.


Are you happy with my use of the ampersand? When I checked earlier pages that you had done, I think you used a +


Hi Helen, an ampersand is fine - I think I use a + because that is often what Howitt uses (although he uses other versions) and so have got in the habit of using it.