Buntine (2)

In the Omeo tribe a grave was made
by digging a round hole just large enough
to let the body down and about 8-10 ft
deep. An excavation was then made
at one side and the body pushed in
– wood was then rammed down tight into
the grave so as to block up the excavation in
which the body was. The earth was then put
in and stamped tight. This they said
was to prevent the dead person coming out
and following them.

[The - crossed out] A dead man whom I saw thus buried
at Heyfield while the Omeo Blacks were
down then under McFarlane's protection,
had on his head band, his nosepeg
and his waistbelt and skin apron of
Kangaroo rat skin but I cannot remember
whether he was in his opossum rug
or had or had not any weapons.

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