Omeo Tribe

Mr John Buntine J P Tongatha

In the year 1844 about a hundred of this tribe
from the country about Omeo plains to Tongeo came
down to Gippsland and camped at Heyfield Station
at that time Metoko was the Head Wizard of the tribe
and Cockey was the head Doctor.

While at Heyfield [the do - crossed out] one of the station hands
was taken very ill with some internal disorder.
Cockey went to cure him in the hut all other
persons being excluded. The Hut keeper was
however sent by the whites to peep through between
the slabs at the back of the hut. His report was
that Cockey turned down the blankets from the
sick man and then applied his mouth
to his navel. After sucking for some time he
ran to the door, opened it and puffed out
a large mouth full of wind – clapped his hands
together and said something. Then returned and
repeated the process.

Mr Buntine remembers that one of the blacks told
him that there were good spirit and a bad
spirit who fought in the cloud. The bad spirit
was called Darumlun and that Metoko could
blow something out of his mouth like cobwebs
up into the clouds and so climb up to Darumlun.

Notes and Questions

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Stephen Morey

The spirit described here as Darumlun is likely the same as the Daramulan known across wide parts of Northeastern Victoria and much of New South Wales