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Notes 30/9/81 - Burial of [?Junorn?]
curryjong tree - Poondin (Ngarego)
Honeysuckle - Tarra - Gippsland

Tŭndūn made with tea tree wood [?Brt?] and string

Omeo [plains - crossed out] tribe - on plains
Metoko Head medicine man
Cockey Head Doctor
Gibber = Joëa
There were not more than 100 people in the tribe
Mŭk-than = thin speech
nūlet - Ralbut
nūlet - Braiaka
mūk-than - Tatūng and Dairgo
notes on the Omeo tribe - by Jenny Cooper
before Dec 21 in book commencing Nov. 1881

Tharang-Kawai- Snowy River
nūlet - Braiaka-Brataua
mŭkthang - Brabra-Tatung-Raymond Island
Back water - Kau-ŭng
Eastwood Tūt-wŭrk
Merriman's Sea song - note book
May 17-1883
East- Bo- móin- also naua-or Kraui - North = Woorunina - west=Gūya
South = meringám
Tall boy name is Būnyūan = a Lagoon at Bega - totem Tiska = small owl
20/5/83 Charley Brūpin - ngarrigan = Bat
Merriman - Ūmbara = black duck
Harry Cook - Jarūat = an owl; name is ngangal

In Wiradjuri - exchange of wives - whose sister
is called gŭn-gŭn-mur Bidga-bidga= old man

[written in left side margin]
Daramulun's wife

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