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Theddora Mittŭng = Cobungra, Mitta Mitta, Yakendanda [sic]
Kiewa, Oven River down to Bufalo [sic]
Kandangera Mittŭng Omeo Plains, Limestone River
Bindi, Tongeo

Jenny Cooper is a Theddora of Yakida (Yakendanda)
She formerly spoke the Theddora - now speaks
the Ngarego language
Mittŭng = a number, or many +c
Mitta Mitta is a big river all the way along its course

Jenny Cooper says she is a Būtalūng
which she says is the same as Djeetgŭn

It was an uncle who gave his daughter to
wife to nephew

Metoko was a Headman called a Tūrki.
a Birraark was a Būdjan belan. But
King Charley says that a Būdjanbelan is
a man who can take out people's
fat at a distance, or go to a distance
to do this. Bŭt-teré = take out fat [2 written under take and 1 under fat]

When boys are made young men the great spirit
"Mallŭr" comes down and makes a noise like
thunder. This is to frighten the young men.
When the teeth are knocked out the young [man - crossed out] women
cover up the boys with rugs. The boys do not look at
them. I heard the noise of Mallŭr and
it was like Thunder. Young women having
covered up the boys leave them. The boys sit with their
heads drooped. I do not know more about mallŭr
- women are not allowed to know.

The sky
There is another kind of country up above the sky and
there are other blackfellows there.

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