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Mr Bulmer re Omeo aborigines. The informant
being Jenny Cooper the last survivor of the tribe.
At times when there were great gatherings
of the tribe wives were exchanged. This was
also practiced for the purpose of averting some
fancied calamity, as for instance when
there was a great display of the Aurora
Australis, or when a great [showe - crossed out]
meteorite shower was seen. Such phenomenon
were supposed to herald some great calamity.

Mr Bulmer re Aborigines inhabiting the
country at the juncture of the River Darling
and Murray.
The tribe was divided in the classes Muquarra
and Kilpana. [The children - crossed out] Muquarra
married Kilpana and Kilpana Muquarra.
With regard to the conditions of marriage I think
the parents consent was usually required
[as when a young man - crossed out] I remember a case
where a young man named Nanithero married
a girl named Malukra [in which that there the - crossed out]
[old people (? parents of one or both parties?) - crossed out]
[gave their consent - crossed out]. Sometimes marriages
were arranged among the young men,
without the parents knowledge. They would
then all meet together and take the
girl from her parents and allow the
old people to seek redress afterwards.
This was when an exchange was contemplated.

[written in left side margin]
What is native name
of the tribe?

What is native name
of tribe? What did
they call themselves?

Were they divided thus:-
Muquarra Kilpana
Kama [?Toorey ??]
+c +c

insert from
p2 A

were the girls in this case
consenting parties? If
not what was done? What
redress could the old
people obtain?

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