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1 What is classes of tribe 2. Boundaries of tribes 3 What are [??]
wives [??] children
for might marriage or cohabitation [??] by them reflected
4 Are there not any totems - ie animal names?
5 Blacks do not like to tell missionaries - but are not there cases of
occasional licence - Turra - Waimbio - Kunandaburi
6 When wife elopes is this the "noa" custom eg Kurnai
7 How are wives obtained is it by betrothal by parents? Gift or
8 How do they use the [?woma?]? in initiation?
9 Why is a [??] not held over a widowed woman?
10 Why do they turn face to water?
11 Was hut of deceased man the grave?
12 Why does the woman (who was she) pour water out on grave?
13 What is meaning of men throwing wood on the grave?
14 What is meaning of "aranja Kuna"?

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