Biddi – a creek
Ironmungie – a flat
Coongulmerang – station, a succession of small flats
[handwritten] Lindenow Station Mitchell River

Nowre Nowre – Lake Tyers
Batta-Boulong - Nowre-Nowre – The Ironstone Mountain
Binginwarree – new entrance to Lakes
Barramunderang (Devil Devil sit down) Entrance
Belligullet – Entrance
Mulloo (pipe clay) Lake Tyers Entrance
Chale – brogan – a conical isolated mount
Tombarro – a river running at the base of Chale-brogan
Talla-bowee (longtailed wallaby) – a creek running with L. Tyers
Dellin – Coady Vale
Ninne – Large Bluff left of Lakes
Dellbut – Lightwood Flat in Bank. Jones Bay
Creug – Creek falling into Jones Bay
Bolodun – point running into Lake below wheat paddock
Tourr – wheat paddock, Crooke’s House
Nimbun-wullung – Backwater, Jimmy’s point

Bradgerac – The Omeo Country
Tambo – a river
Bendi – a limestone plain, head of Tambo
Bindi – good grass country near Crooke’s Station
Enno – mungie – a limestone plain, head of Tambo
Innio- mungie – Crooke’s Station
Tongeo-mungie – Crooke’s station
Tongio-mingue – a limestone plain, head of Tambo
Balial-mungee – Tongio lambing station
Gowa-mungee – Hill back of Tongio Inn
Ninninda-tunde-wunga - part of Bruthen morass
Moran - moran – Stirling’s, Bruthen
Delbut-wurwun – Junction of Tambo and Timbarra
Borran – near Tambo below Mossiface, a resort for

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