Borrumunderung – Mossiface Flat
Daruda-Yaruda, gerungun – creek near Swan Reach a drinking
place for kangaroos
Barrn or Bourne – Old hut near log
Bulli-Bulla-yaru – Morass Sawmill
Woo-cook – Hill on Tambo, Swan Reach
Weng – Swan Reach house
Bill-walk – Little Morass at Swan Reach
Nurkinerng – on the Tambo
Booy-yun – Swan Reach
Gran – Saltwater Creek
Mair-bor-bing – Corner Lakes at Swan Reach
Doo-you-mun – Rock Lakes at Swan Reach
Boologgun – Waterhole near Swan Reach
Coong-na-duc – Low flat bank opposite Swan Reach
Nulluga-crow-under – Lagoon near old huts Swan Reach
Neddungmon – Morass Swan Reach
Billuel – Log across creek above Swan Reach
Benggacaale-doruda – Small morass, Swan Reach
Burrun – end Johnson’s fence in large paddock
Noondee – just outside paddock
Too-culla-doo-yun – creek running into Saltwater Creek.
Yellon - corner in paddock
Coongadooloot - near Sheep station Tambo Bluff
Tourn-ye-ric - part of bank at Tambo Bluff
Ted-gulk - part of bank at Tambo Bluff
Borrh - a large rock at Tambo Bluff
Nalong - Head of Little River
Campoba-mungee - Hill back of Day's farm
Worungalla - Bindi Range, near Sheep Bridge on Tambo, 4m.
from Tongio
Bitwal - Tongio Hill
Tinnara - Mt Bindi Range head of Junction Creek
Beeber-beeber - High isolated hill much exposed to S. W. winds
Nummi-alga - Bald Hill Creek
Tarra - Lock up Cree, Tongio East
Naalong - Hill on left between Reedy Flat and Numblamungie
Mogoin - Gap Creek
Burrak-book - part of Mount Johnstone

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