The following are answers to the foregoing questions
as far as we are able to furnish them.
No. 1 The number of tribes in the colony of Queensland is
unknown to either "Whites" or Blacks.
This island on which we are at present stationed
has about 19 different tribes on it. It is about
85 miles long and about 12 wide, and I don't suppose
there are more than 300 Natives on it.
The tribal bond is very little cared about now since
they have become mixed up with Europeans and as
there [sic] numbers have gradually wasted away at the
White man's approach, through "Grog" and other pernicious
influences, such as Venereal disease +c +c.
The names of the various tribes (commencing South and going
Northwards) are as follows - 1. Turobburra - meaning
to make Huts (Turra). 2 Purreenburra, name of small birds
3 Purgunburra - sea coast. 4 K┼Źntilburra, big trees.
5 Tuntuburra a stretch of sand on sea coast. 6 Kunnumburra
tongue. 7 Pokorburra rope or string. 8 [?Elitelly?], name of
creek (Eli) where tribe located. 9 Elidburra, name of small
or young mussels. 10 [?Tucki?urra?] stones. 11 Poonburra, name
of native food, the fruit of "Tamia" 12 Koonaburra - creek.
13. Punpubburra, name of place made in a creek with boughs +c,
for catching fish. 14 Wulloaburra, smoke. 15 Toomburra
Point of land jutting out 16 Turlangburra, sunshine
17 Keelumberburra name of a grub and gum trees.
18 Tuntyeenburra, trees or wood. 19 Ullumburra Sandy Cape
or North end of the island on which the Light house now stands.

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Need help with two group names ?Elitelly? and ?Tuckiurra? - it's the little flourish in the middle of the word that is the same for both and that I can't work out.