Memorandum of degrees of Kinship
and other information respecting the
tribe of Aborigines called
Narrinyeri and inhabiting a
country included in a triangle
the lines of which should be
drawn from Cape Jervis to a point
about 20 miles above where the
Murray debouches into Lake
and from there
to Kingston, Lacepede Bay; and
having the coast for its base.
1 The nation is divided into ten
Rangulinyeri Point Malcolm tribe
Kondolinyeri Point Macleay [ditto]
(The above two tribes united are
called Yarildethungur)
[?Pungurat?ular] Milang tribe
Mungulinyeri Lake Albert [ditto]
Piltinyeri River Murray [ditto]
Kaikalabinyeri Lower Coorong [ditto]
Kammerarorn MacGraths flat
or upper Coorong [ditto - tribe]
Turarorn Lake Islands tribe
Tanganarin Goolwa [ditto]
Raminyeri Encounter Bay [ditto]
The meaning of the national name
Narrinyeri is "belonging to men":
other [rossed out - tribes] nations are not worthy of the
designation, they are Merkani, wild.
I can't give the translation of the
names of the tribes except the
second which means children of
the second wife. But I believe
most of the names refer to
places. The word "inyeri" means
"belonging to". Piltinyeri, belonging
to Poltong. Raminyeri belonging to

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