[page folded over, but presume a 2 is under the fold] The natives are strictly exogamous.
children belong to the father's tribe.
3. There used to be a hereditary chief
called rupulle but most of the
power rested with the elders of
the tribe.
9. Names are changed in accordance
with custom. But not from
age. At the death of a person
all of the same name change
10 Property descends to sons failing
sons to brothers
11 Also mothers transmit to sons
12 There are no castes nor anything similar to the
castes or classes amongst
the Kamilaroi-speaking tribes
of N. S. W. But each family or
tribe, (and a tribe is a family)
has its totem or ngaitye.
And indeed some individuals
have. It is regarded as the
mans tutelary genius. It is
some animal bird or insect.
By it an enemy may make
potent sorcery and cause the
ngaitye to grow in the inside
of the person to whom it belongs.
Hence they are careful to destroy
its remains if it is killed.
It is the same as the aitu of
the Samoans.
13 Declension of the Personal
Sing Dual Plural
Nom. Ngape I Ngel we two Ngurn we
Acc ngan me Lam us two Nam us
Ab ngate by me ngel by us two ngurn by us
2nd Person
nom nguite thou ngurl you two ngune you
Acc ngum thee Lom you two nom you
V nguita O thou ngurla O you two nguna O you
Ab nguite by thee ngurl by you two ngune by you

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