It is quite common amongst
these Aborigines for a man to be
known by the name of his
son or daughter as for instance
Tina arni the father of Tina the
suffix arni meaning father.
And so the word anikke means
mother as Koolmatinyeanikke
the mother of Koolmatinyeri.
5. The natives are most strict
in marriage arrangements.
They always anxiously endeavour
to present marriages between
relatives. And they usually
succeed. A tribe is considered
a family and a man never
intermarries in his own

Geo Taplin

Point Macleay
South Australia
5 September 1872

Note. Relationships are generally
made to express either mine, yours,
or his by the suffixes auwe
nowe and walle or alle as
Gelanowe my elder brother
Gelauwe your elder brother
Gelauwalle his elder brother

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No. 4 Ngaitye - Inflections of Narrinyeri nouns

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