relationships may be owing
to an intermixture of the
races. There is evidently an
intermixture in these
tribes. The narrinyeri have
customs precisely similar
to those of the Samoans
and other customs the exact
counterpart of those found
in Taima. The nahak
of the Tannese (See
Dr G Turner's Nineteen years
in Polynesia
) as exactly
like the Narrinyeran
ngadhungi. I have found
this characteristic custom
too 700 miles north of
Adelaide amongst the
tribes there. That is, my
Brother who resided there
sent me an account
of it as a curiosity.
I have collected and
tabulated a number of
words from some 18
Australian languages.
I sent a copy of this
table to England and it
came into the hands
of Max Muller.

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