Degree of Kinship in the Language of the Narrinyeri
nation, made by Geo Taplin, Point Macleay, South Aust


My Our His
N. B. - Where M is printed opposite to the English term of kinship, a Male is supposed to be speaking; but a Female where F is so printed.

Description of Relationship. Native Term. Translation.

1 My father Nanghy my father
2 [ditto] mother Nainkowa my mother
3 [ditto] son porlean my child
4 [ditto] daughter Porlean my child
5 [ditto] grandson Maiyarare. Fathers side
not in [?1°1 or 1st?] Ngaityuwe mothers side
6 [ditto] granddaughter the same
7 [ditto] great grandson not in 1* Gelanowe and Tarte
8 [ditto] great granddaughter Maranowe and Tarte
9 [ditto] great great grandson
10 [ditto] great great granddaughter
11 [ditto] elder brother M Gelanowe my elder brother
12 [ditto] ditto F Gelanowe [ditto] [ditto]

[written under table at bottom of page]
* The Great grandfather calls his great grandson
tarte, the great gradnson calls his great grandfather

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