Point Macleay
22nd Septr 1873
Revd L Fison
My dear Sir
I am ashamed when I look
at the date of your last letter. You
must think me one of the most
neglectful of correspondents. But my
excuse is an overwhelming amount
of work which has engrossed the whole
of my time and even debarred me
from the recreation needful for
health. My two great obstacles to the
pursuit of my favourite subject of
enquiry are want of time and want
of books of reference. You are favored
in being near a good Library, where
you can get any work necessary.
Many thanks for your correct list
of Tamil relationships. I shall know
how to make use of them.
I return you Mr Howitts letter. It
has interested me exceedingly. I have
taken a copy of it. I may tell you
that our tribe here, the Narrinyeri
evidently came down the Darling
They say nguk for water; the Murundee
next above say Ngukko and and the Maroura
tribe at the Darling Junction nukou
and a tribe still further up the Darling
Noko. It is evident then that the
Darling has been one of the lines
of migration. I think it is very
interesting and important to
trace out these. They are evidence
of an incoming to this continent
Mr Howitt is hardly correct in saying
that the word owey for water goes

[in side margin]
No 15 Taplin on Howitt's
Appa & owie

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