as far as Western Australia. The Port
word for it is Kapi. King Georges
Kypi, (also yemat + Kowin) and
Swan River, Kypbi gabbi and djan
Do you know if there is any record
of the language of the Tasmanian
Aborigines? I wish I could get a
list of words.
The Anthropological Institute
of Great Britain have been kind
enough to send me a few copies
of that paper on Native Language
which they printed. I do not know
whether you have a copy of the
Publication in which it appeared
if however you have not perhaos
you might like to have a cpy
so I will risk it and send you one
with this. If you should have
an opportunity of getting a list
of Aboriginal Words to fit this table
at any time I should be grateful
for them. I am so anxious to see
if I can trace the lines of migration
or immigration by the languages,
also the points where lines crossed
each other or united. We have
an instance of migration in
Sir T Mitchells case. In his
exploration of the Bogan and upper
Darling he found a tribe which was
very hostile and afterwards he
met the same tribe when he went
across to the Darling junction by

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