them as Shemitic and I see that Goldwin
is coming to this conclusion.
I ws led to it by reading the works
of that profound Hebraist Professor
of Brighton. (But don't take
me for a Hebrew scholar, I do not
know the language). It would be
interesting to find three systems
of kinship in the Biblical divisions
of the race of mankind. Do you
know if the Chinese have any
peculiar system?
I intend (D.V.) to write to the
Protector of Aborigines at Port
and see if I can get
a list of words and your circular
filled up. I am also trying to
get the Port Lincoln and West
Australian systems of kinship
for you.
Our tribe here, the Narrinyeri, are
evidently what Mr Morgan would
call more advanced, or perhaps
really less degraded, than the
Kamilaroi. That is the question
with me. Is the Kamilaroi system
an advance from a lower status, or
is it the result of the moral sense making
arrangements to fight against
the [crossed out - results] consequences of degradation?
Believe me,
My dear Sir,
Yours faithfully
Geo Taplin
P. S. I called on
Mr Homan in
Adelaide but
he was absent
from Home. I will
write to him.

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