Especially are (6) and (7) valuable
and (5) would disclose some
very interesting facts could we only
get the information required to complete
it. In most cases it is very defective.

Bulmer of Lake Tyers is taking much
trouble to procure me a perfectly
complete set of diagrams of the
Albury tribe N.S.W. from a woman
at the Lake Tyers mission. And a
constable at Bendoc is likewise
working up the diagrams of an almost
extinct tribe which once inhabited
the jungle between Snowy River and
Cape Howe. Slowly - very slowly material
will increase but the enquiry reminds
me in its difficulties - that is the increasing
necessity of fanning the embers - of the
description given by Carlyle in Frederick the
Great of the frantic efforts made by the
English at that time to "hoist" the phlegmatic
Dutch into military activity!

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