wish sometimes to know what personally unknown
correspondents - valued ones as far as I am
speaking - are like. If you have a portrait of yourself
to bestow I shall gratefully accept it and shall then be
able to picture what my valued colleague is like. My
wife who works in the Ethnological field with me and to whom
I sometimes threaten to hand over the subject when "Littles" and
"Vogelsangs" afflict me, is also very desirous of seeing our
colaborer [in the field of- crossed out]. I hope before long that Mr Brodie
or my other Queensland correspondents and the West Australian
venture will have proved productive. When I receive anything
you shall immediately hear. Meanwhile believe me
Yours faithfully
AW Howitt
P.S. You see I have repaid your
seven pages with interest. You will wish
you had not done it.

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