April 12 1877

My dear Mr Fison
I must blame myself for not
having before this replied to your letter of Jay 1
It has not been for want of good intentions
for in its arrival I was starting on a journey
and carried it for about 450 miles with
me declaring to myself that I would reply
before I returned home. However when
I came to the point I found that I had left
behind some materials for your consideration
which I had collected. Hence the delay. I
have now turned up what particulars I have
as to the Bidwell and [?Carrawary?] kinships
and send them in two circulars. One
other circular you ought to have received
ere this giving some particulars from
the Darling; and I hope that the circulars
I sent you arrived safely and gave you
satisfaction. As yet I have not had
time to send out many and have
had no result - I fear it may be
indeed a case of "O navis +c"!

The Revd Lorimer Fison

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