I shall look forward with much
interest to your paper but let me say
once for all that I cannot consent to be
anything but second in this matter.
I shall feel delighted to assist but to you
belongs positively the chief place. The
inquiry owes its existence to you and I
cannot for a moment think of altering our
natural and proper relative positions.

Besides I have not the knowledge of the subject
you have nor can I devote the whole of my
time to it. My geological labours are necessaray
and the necessity of producing a report annually
for the Report of Progress of the survey keeps me bound
to the wheel. Seven tenths of my leisure
may be said to be taken up by geology, in its
stratigraphical branch which necessitates much
laboratory work and much reading and thought.
The mere preparation of this (transparent) slices
of Gippsland rocks for optical examination is
a labour in itself and of these I have now about
600 examples mounted and examined. Two
tenths of my leisure is devoted to my farm and
hop ground (my wife sees to all else about these
things) and one tenth may be said to remain
available for Ethnology. I go on sending our

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