circular and writing letters but the results are
infinitesimal. However I am becoming
casehardened and keep "pegging away"
Did I tell you that I have been working out
some points in the social + domestic life of the
Gippsland tribe. For instance the division
of food according to well defined rules among
the members of the family group and the
regulation likewise of the particular spot
in each camp in which some member of the group
may sleep - or the position relatively of the
various camps. I have written a number of
special letters on this subject but as yet only
one reply. I shall carefully consider what you
say about the Gentes, and the patriarchal
form of family. However I wait your paper.
I do not think the "form of government" differs
So far as I know all power of government which
may possibly exist is exercised by the old men.
These old men who are the best fighters, the
most cunning, the wisest or most sagacious
are the leaders. For instance old "Bruthen mungee"
was a great leader among the Brabolungs
- I have the account of a "Warpath" in which
he directed operations, and the reason given
for his great authority was that "he very strong
man - no one could catch him". Toolabar

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