Feby 11 1878

My dear Mr Fison
I have now three of your letters to
reply to. I was very much gratified to
see by your last that the [?clonea?] had
passed over, your former letter made me
seriously [?uneasy?] about you. Now however
I feel sure that you will be able to continue
your work and surely in time the effect
of the whooping cough will wear themselves
out. It does not do to take a gloomy view
of ones health - the mind can react very
forcibly upon the body. It is now my
turn to prognosticate evil as to our labours
or rather as to my share of them. We have
had a revolutionary crisis here. Mr Council
threw out the appropriation bill because it
included payment to members. Berry
and his crew in revenge, in the plea that
they had no money discharged at a moments
notice the County Court Judge, the Police Magistrate

the Revd Lorimer Fison

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