Court House Sale Sept 26 1878

My dear Mr Fison
I now post you schedules from
Lake Condah V. Kunopia N.S.W. Nomaulin Q.
Cloncurry Q. Barcoo Q. (2) Solomon Is.
Kopperamanna S.A. and also a schedule
filled in with all the terms I have. You will see
that I have added two or three; and I think it might
perhaps be advisable to add [Sisters brother's Sister -crossed out]
wife's brother's wife, wife's sister's husband. In the
Brabrolong system they would be of course [Tundung +c - crossed out]
Bowung &c, Tundung &c. The Brabrolong system is the
most logical one I know. Do you not think it well
to give the whole of your system in a schedule - perhaps
as an appendix? I expect you intend to do this.
I have now looked over R. B. S. book and I confess that I
am disappointed in the Magnum Opus. There is a great
mass of facts but I can see how many of the facts are
distorted through the meduim conveying them,
and their value is thereby distorted. As to our special
work he has nothing but the little I gave him and
as to the distribution of food in the common group
I see nothing. I hope we shall be able to make
our contribution perfectly accurate - I am now about
to test all my facts afresh by a new course of
enquiry among a fresh lot of "Kurni." For if we
have a shaky foundation our house will perhaps
topple over on us or be pulled about our ears.
I feel that it is hopeless for any one man
The Rev. Lorimer Fison

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