Oct 11 1878

My dear Mr Fison
I found your manuscript
when I went to the Post Office this morning. I
have glanced over it with much interest but
shall not seriously consider it till I get back
to Sale (Monday next). I cannot however
make out that you have bracketed [?a list?]
the Maneroo Biduelli and Gippsland
classes. I think I must have mixed up
the information sent you. I fear much
also that I have not kept copies of the
Ngarrego Carrawong and Wakeruk information.
I think the Wakeruk are the Biduelli
- speaking from memory. My recollection
is that the [Carrawong - crossed out] Ngarrego married out of
the class and the Wakeruk in the class.
Please see what I say in case I cannot find
the original notes. At this moment I have
no [de- crossed out] idea where they are. But this marriage
although an exception would work if the totems
do not affect its laws. Among the Biduelli
(Wakeruk) I am sure they told me that
"every man is Merūng every woman Yūkembrūk"
- in this case also if correct the totems do
not affect the laws of marriage;

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