[Written in upper left margin]
If Morgan cannot
get Smithsonian's
publish [sic] there are
two courses:
1. I would consult
Darwin with whom
I have corresponded
as well as my
friends in England.
2. I think I could
get this Government
to bring out the work
[as a - crossed out] of course free
of expense to ourselves.

[Written in upper right margin]
How about your map?
Please send list of places you
want to have shewn upon it.

Sale Dec 22 1875

My dear Mr Fison
I fear you will have been wondering at
my silence. The explanation is that this is my
most busy month in the year and that from the
30th Nov until yesterday I have been constantly travelling
and have therefore have been quite unable to attend
to our work. I have however set to work now [and - crossed out]
by commencing the clean copy of my monograph
for trans mission [sic] to you. I hope it will be completed
by the new year. I write now to reply more
especially to your last letter of Nov 6th.
I am delighted that you approve of my work
and I am also very much pleased that
after all you will have the completion of the
"Magnum opus" which is the rightful office
of the chief architect. I shall now write to
The Revd Lorimer Fison

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